Advice on How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Nobody wants to walk around looking like a raccoon, with dark circles around the eyes. You should realize that these dark circles are more than skin discoloration. The dark  circles are dilated blood vessels that are visible under the flimsy layer of skin. While there are many causes for the dark circles, you can prevent them. Below are a number of tips on how to get rid of dark circles: Applying these tips on how to get rid of dark circles will get you back to feeling young and confident again!

1. Do not rub your eyes. It’s easier said than done, however, especially when your eyes are itching or irritated. If you can do it, though, keep from rubbing your eyes. The rubbing action will only further irritate your eyes and bruise or even break) the small blood vessels underneath the skin, causing those unattractive dark circles to appear.

2. One other useful tip on how to get rid of dark circles around your eyes is to get adequate rest and sleep daily. Tiredness and lack of sleep can slow down blood circulation and cause your skin to pale. Those dark circles become even more pronounced on pale skin.

3. Eat healthy and keep your body well-hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a every day. Vitamin deficiencies can cause those dark circles so make sure you eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables.

4. Are you a smoker? Here’s a tip on how to get rid of dark circles: kick the habit. The habit can lead to vascular problems, making your capillary vessels look darker and bluer under the skin. In addition, nicotine can cause damage to your skin and hasten the aging process. If you can kick the habit, we can pretty much promise you’ll struggle with dark circle issues less.

5. If the discoloration under your eyes is due to allergic reactions, identify the allergens and stay away from them. Hay fever and other season allergy problems can be treated using over-the-counter medications, but you can also go to your doctor and get an allergy shot or have him prescribe a stronger allergy drug for you.

6. Your eye skin care regimen should include the application of an eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol. The dark eye circles may be a sign that you are deficient in vitamin K. According to studies, skin creams that have these two ingredients are found to remarkably improve puffiness and discoloration in the  eye area. For best results, you may have to use such an eye cream daily and for a longer length. But, nevertheless, using an eye cream specifically designed with ingredients for dark circles under eyes, you’ll be able to see the difference in a few short weeks.

7. If the above tips on how to get rid of dark circles fail, you can disguise  the dark circles with makeup. Apply a yellow or peach-tone concealer on the dark circles. Avoid pink-tone concealers as they will only make the dark circles more noticeable. Make sure to dust your concealer with clear powder.