Alternative Wrinkle Treatments]

If your goal in life at the moment is face wrinkle reduction it can be achieved by a number of different methods. Natural wrinkle treatment is in my opinion a better option than the surgical methods available but it is personal choice. There are plenty of wrinkle reduction treatments available for you to use at home however, some of the treatments should be carried out by professionals.

There are numerous professional methods of wrinkle reduction which include laser therapy, skin peels, face lifts and collagen injections. With these forms of wrinkle reduction treatment a dgree of discomfort is experienced and they are generally expensive. The cost of the treatment is expensive but bear in mind you will need recovery time which may also have financial implications. There are inherent chances of skin damage when utilising these techniques.


The Natural Wrinkle Reduction Approach


 Many people opt for natural eye wrinkle treatments as an alternative to the more invasive methods such as a face-lift or injections. Natural wrinkle reduction can be helped tremendously by a healthy diet. Manipulate your diet to include foods that are high in antioxidants to ensure removal of toxins from the body and helthy cell replacement.

Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturise

 Having a regular routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising is a popular choice for natural wrinkle reduction. Keeping the skin clean and well moisturised will help it to maintain its natural elasticity, this in turn will enable the skin to ‘bounce back’ even after the many facial expressions you make everyday.

Facial Massage

 Another choice of natural wrinkle reduction for many of us is massaging your neck and face.The massage can be performed personally and will help promote better blood circulation to the tissues of the neck and face. By stimulating the tissues in this area it can help to make those muscles and tissues stronger, this can enhance your face to look more youthful and healthy again. Start the facial massage by using small circular motions with your fingers at the base of your neck working gently towards your forehead. Gently pulling on the wrinkled skin increases the blood circulation. This is great way to promote collagen secretion and create healthier skin.

Natural Wrinkle Treatment: Fruit Choice

  In addition, another form of natural wrinkle reduction which has proved to be very beneficial is the use of juice from green grapes. Try rubbing green grape juice over the wrinkled area, leaving for 20 minutes before washing off with water and patting dry for good results. 

Lifecell cream is a scientifically proven natural all in one cream which virtually eliminates wrinkles instantly and best of all you can try lifecell anti wrinkle cream free for 30 days.    

One thought on “Alternative Wrinkle Treatments]

  1. nancy wills

    Hello all – I would like to say that I tried Estee Lauder Creme de la Mer its it did NOTHING for my skin.

    It is very expensive at $165 for 2 ounces! It was supposedly to heal burns received in an accident; The reality is that this very chemical laden cream doesn’t contain anything particularly extraordinary ingredients. In fact, the majority of ingredients can be found in CVS-Brand Moisturizers.

    For long term effect on wrinkles and a treatment that naturally aided my skin, I used the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum from the Made from Earth skin care line. This serum uses natural organic ingredients to improve your skin cells around your eyes and I have already seen a MAJOR DIFFERENCE AROUND MY EYES.

    In 3 days around my eyes, I have seen a reduction in the fine lines. . You can actually feel it working right after you put it on. . . .I highly recommend it as an EX-crème de la mer user….and a woman who is healthy…and a woman who is tired of all the different expensive creams out that that make promises that they do not live up to….you can find them at made from earth . com.

    I recently switched to only using face creams that contain real plants, fruits and/or juices. No more chemicals for me! Chemicals in skincare products will cause your skin to sag in the long run. That’s because those chemicals don’t belong there and impact your skins elasticity.

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