Anti Aging Skin Care Product- 3 Tips

Here is reality. When is comes to anti aging skin care products, there are an untold amount of products on the the market to choose from as you soon realize. The skin care business is massive and companies know that consumers will spend an unlimited amount of money in order to make their skin look younger.

Anti aging skin cream and the field of plastic surgery are the same in the respect that billions are spent by consumers each year in hopes of bringing back a more youthful appearance.

Nearly a billion dollars is spent every year by consumers, in the skin care market, where they fall victim to manufacturers who market products just so they can increase their bottom line without showing in real interest in the consumer.

Do not lose faith though because there are some excellent products on the market. Well, how do you know which products to buy? The reason I wrote this article is that I wanted you to make an informed decision when buying skin care products.


When purchasing products, you should avoid those that contain fragrances. Why? The pleasant smell that these anti aging skin care products have is created by toxins which can cause long term damage when applied to the skin. How is long term damage caused? These toxins are soaked up by your body, since your skin is porous, and enter your bloodstream which can unknowingly affect your health.

If your desire is to smell pretty and not to cause unexpected damage to your body, then use perfume or some other type of spray. Why? With and anti aging skin cream product, you apply these toxins to your face and body whereas with perfume or body spray, you can apply this very lightly with just a couple of sprays to your clothes or body.


If an anti aging skin care product contains collagen, you will want to stay away from those as well. The break down of collagen in your body is the reason that your skin begins to wrinkle and age. These companies are taking advantage of their consumer by this way and many others. What? Does this make any sense.

Let me explain. The size of the collagen molecules is the key. The molecules that collagen is composed of are bigger than your bodies pores and thus they cannot be absorbed by the skin unlike toxins which can be absorbed by your skin. The user not receiving not real benefit from using them is the result. You do not need a product that applies collagen to the top of your skin, but one that helps the skin to regenerate and begin to produce more collagen.


The key to any successful business is marketing, and the companies that manufacturer anti aging skin care products realize this and thus they spend more money on marketing products instead of producing products that their consumers will actually benefit from the most. Examples are the types of individuals who are paid to market these products such as singers, models, or some other individual of fame or the glamorous and extravagant packing that these skin care products are contained in. These companies realize that if they can appeal to consumer’s interest in celebrities, whether it is through print, radio, or TV, their products will sell.

Just watch commercials for an example of this. Who do they have advertising for them? Singers, models, athletes, movie stars, etc. Who is selling the latest release of skin care products and what do you think they are compensated for their advertisement and effort?

Millions you say? I agree and not to mention royalties and all at the benefit of the consumer. In order to pay for these types of advertisements, these companies must and do raise the price of their products costing the consumer valuable money out of their pockets. Is there a way to avoid this? In my opinion, the small companies that have not spent millions of dollars in advertisements, but who instead invested in the quality of there product and are not as widely known, are the best route to go when looking to purchase anti aging skin care products.

The result of not having to pay millions for some infamous person to advertise their products is that these smaller companies actually take pride in their products. It is my opinion that a smaller company that produces an anti aging skin care product which does not contain toxins or collagen and has not been approved by a celebrity, will not only be more beneficial to the pocketbooks of consumers, but also to the health of consumers. By buying from companies whose goal is to benefit the consumer and not to appeal to their glamour side is where consumers will fare much better.