Are The Best Anti Aging Products Really The Best?

Women who are beginning to see the first signs of skin ageing on their face often spend so much time searching for the very best anti aging products on the market.

Those captivating television ads and glossy magazine ads just seem so convincing that those anti aging creams must be great.

But if that describes you and you’re searching for the best anti aging products you need to ask yourself a preliminary question before deciding if the products work well. You need to ask yourself whether those anti aging skin care products are safe to use.

The reason is that there is a massive range of chemical ingredients that are found in in almost all of the big name skin care products you might even be using right now. Oof those ingredients is named Propylene Glycol and it’s Propylene Glycol that I would like to tell you about today.

You might even have some Propylene Glycol in your cars radiator right now because it’s an essential ingredient in antifreeze. And the EPA tells us that anyone who works with Propylene Glycol needs to don protective gloves as well as goggles in case the Propylene Glycol comes in contact with their skin.

And yet, according to the Cosmetic Safety Database, Propylene Glycol is found in 945 anti aging moisturizers, 1118 facial treatments and 690 general anti aging products as well as a wide range of other personal and bath products as well as cosmetics.

And you will also see that it is linked to cancer, allergies and immunotoxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity and skin irritation as well as other worrying health conditions.

Whether it is advertised as the best skin care product on the market it should be avoided if it contains Propylene Glycol or a whole host of other suspect chemical ingredients that are found in so many of our personal products.

Because the FDA doesn’t need to investigate ingredients found in anti aging products they don’t, and so the companies use them.

So, you’re a woman who is starting to notice all of those irritating signs of skin ageing such as skin wrinkles and sagging. Do you swear off all anti aging products and just except your fate, and your wrinkles? No you don’t.

The well-known big name skin care lines may be contaminated with chemical ingredients but there is still very small niche anti aging companies seeking to produce the highest quality anti aging products that use safe ingredients.

One of these companies in particular makes extremely high quality products. They use natural ingredients all known to be safe and which are also known to have excellent skin care properties but these natural ingredients are very very expensive.

The obvious conclusion is that their anti aging skin care products are very expensive however this isn’t in fact the case. These companies choose to avoid television and magazine advertising and so can avoid factoring the cost of advertising into the price of their products, rendering them very price competitive.

The good news is that the best anti aging products are made by a company you’ve probably never heard of. But when you do you’ll be amazed at how good (and how safe) these products are.

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