Buying Facial Hair Removal Products

Facial hair is an issue to some degree for everyone. I will admit it is a bigger deal for some people than others, though. No matter who you are though, you tweeze at least one hair regularly. That is just a part of life.

But if you’re like me, then plucking drives you crazy. I can’t see the mirror I am crying so hard! However, facial hair creams scare me. I tried one when I was in high school and had a long red blister over my upper lip for a week. Honestly I probably would have rather had the girlstache…

Fortunately, hair removal creams have come a long way since high school. They used to be terribly smelling and full of harsh chemicals. Now using one is like aromatherapy. However, there still are some pitfalls.

Get the best results from facial hair removers by following these steps:

1. Do a test first. Put the cream on your wrist before smearing it on your face. If you notice burning or develop a rash then call a halt to the process. A very small glob should be enough to test with.

2. Keep an eye out for herbal ingredients. To “melt” hair away, you need chemicals. Herbal extracts can help skin bounce back from chemical exposure. Facial hair removal will go more smoothly if the product has a heavy moisturizer and natural ingredients.

3. Go for the fragrance. Probably most of us remember that stinky cream that you used to use to remove hair from your legs. That smell was a result of serious chemicals. Today’s creams contain ingredients to mask or eliminate these smells. This can save you a severe allergic reaction – and a strange sneeze splatter! Unless you cannot handle any artificial fragrance at all, your nose will thank you for the improved aroma.

4. Work in sections on your face. Once you decide to put the cream on your face, take it slow. Always start out with the eyebrow area. It is less sensitive than the upper lip area. If you have no trouble with your brows, then move on to the lip or chin area.