Can Your Anti Aging Products Kill You?

Ageing is a product that everyone in so many people who are gradually ageing are looking for a way to look younger. So as a result the market is just enormous for all sorts of anti aging products. Ageing people, quite reasonably, want to look better but aren’t aware that there are so many ingredients in anti aging products that may be risky to their health. Fragrances are an example

Some estimates are that there are more than 4000 fragrances that are in use today in so many personal products including anti aging skin care products. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to smell nice and anti aging products with fragrances in them sell very well. Why is that a problem if you want to smell nice?!

Unfortunately most fragrances are just chemicals that are produced in a laboratory and whilst there’s nothing wrong with producing chemicals that are safe to use unfortunately there are plenty of studies showing that many are not. It might scare you to know about it if you read the studies.

That’s not to say that all fragrances are risky, for example there are some excellent essential oils that make nice fragrances and which are safe to use. However these are usually much more expensive than the chemical alternatives and so the chemical alternatives go into those skin care products that you will see on the shelves of your store.

There is an organization called the Cosmetic Safety Database where you can go to search individual ingredients in products. If you search fragrances there you will find that they are linked to neurotoxicity, cancer, immunotoxicity, allergies, endocrine disruption and irritation to the skin, the lungs and the eyes.

When you apply that latest moisturizer that smells so nice to your skin you are covering a reasonably large area of your skin with the chemical fragrance. Your skin absorbs the fragrance and it gets into your system just as if you ate it.

It’s just the same with perfumes but when you use a perfume you use it only on a very small area of skin.

This may be a shock to you. Sadly there are hundreds or even thousands of personal and beauty products such as anti aging products that so many of us use which contain ingredients that have health implications about which we are not warned. It’s not just fragrances.

There is an opportunity here and some small niche companies have taken advantage of it. One now uses no fragrances at all for this exact reason and commits to making products that are safe enough to eat.

Billions of dollars are spent on anti aging skin products  every year, but the buyer must beware. There are serious risks to so many ingredients in these products and the companies that make them won’t warn you about the risks.

I write a website to educate about the risks of ingredients in modern personal products including anti aging skin care products and attempt to point people towards safe and effective alternative natural anti aging skin care products.