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Simple Solutions to Your Aging Zones

While you’ve been slathering anti-aging creams and sunscreen on your face to help stave off lines, your hands and neck may be telling a different story altogether. In fact, most people can guess your true age just by looking at your hands. Clues also show up in the neck region where blotchy and sagging skin stands in stark contrast to a smooth and well-cared for complexion.

So what do you do? Just don’t stock up on turtlenecks or pants with deep pockets quite yet. Although there may not be a quick fix available for your dilemma, you can get a more youthful look and a smooth, supple feel by giving your hands and neck some much-deserved attention. You hands are probably what people look at after your face when they are asked to guess your age. Just know that when you care for your body, your driver’s license may be the only thing that will hold the real information.

As the years add up, your skin often produces more pigment. This clusters unevenly in dark patches. For this, dab on some hydroquinone. This is able to block the enzymes needed to make melanin. As the surface cells slough off, new, non-pigmented cells replace them. The sun also causes loose skin which is exacerbated by the loss of fat in the hands. Although you can’t significantly plum them with topical treatments, you can use AHA peels and retinols to exfoliate the skin. Just make sure that you use some sunscreen to protect your hands because the peel and retinoid make the skin more sensitive. But even if the combinations of good genes and sun smarts have saved your hands, the dry look may still be ticking on the years. Always remember to exfoliate and hydrate. Also make sure to purchase brands most trusted by the dermatologists.

Unlike the age spots on hands, sun-induced pigmentation on the neck tends to be more widespread and mottled with red and brown pigments. Opt for lightening agents to slather over the entire area. And instead of developing wrinkles, necks just loosen like a deflated balloon. Increasing collagen and improving texture may also be helpful. Just remember that the skin on your neck is a tad more sensitive. What you can do is apply strong retinoids only once a week and gradually build the frequency so your skin can tolerate it more.

Loose skin is one of the most difficult to correct without the help of surgery. There’s no instant cure in a bottle available anywhere out in the market. If you see skin products that promise to give you a firmer neck, know that this is simply an empty promise. To tone the skin below your face, you need a combination of efforts. Make an effort to do daily facial massage and choose the moisturizers that you put on them. They key attitude here is patience. Just make your efforts a daily habit and you’ll see in a few months time that the effort has actually paid off.

Discount Philosophy Skin Care Products

Philosophy Skin Care Products were recently featured on Oprah, she says the Hope in a Jar is one of her favorite products. I like the little wise quotes or sayings on the bottles. When you think you are having a bad day, you can just take a look at it when you are starting your morning regimen and put a little smile on your face or make you go hmmm.

The thing that I like the most about these skin care products is the message that makeup is optional. Who would think that a cosmetics and skin care company would tell me that I can choose not to wear makeup if I don’t want to? That’s a message that gets my attention.

Philosophy wants to improve your looks and your mind. Their focus is on health and wellness and not health and beauty. All the beauty magazines feature women with no blemishes whatsoever because they are all airbrushed out. And then you see them without their makeup and boy do they look different.

The only thing I don’t like about Philosophy’s products is their prices. Yes, they work but they can get quite expensive. With money tight, I want to save as much as possible and still look good. Good thing there’s eBay. You can buy their entire product line for less. And you don’t have to worry about automatic monthly shipments.

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Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

If you don’t have a clue on what skin care products to buy or didn’t know the difference between a moisturizer and an anti aging serum, then going natural is your best bet to preserve your youthful skin.

Improve your diet. If there is a diet pyramid where you need to moderate sweets and empty calories, there is also a pyramid guideline to boost your body’s anti-aging properties.

• On a daily basis, drink lots of pure filtered water, eat complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, barley, oats and cereals. Load up on fruits, legumes and nuts and green leafy vegetables. Eat one organic egg a day and use olive oil or fats from fish and poultry.

• Twice a week, you can add to your diet moderate servings of deep sea cold water fish and free range poultry.

• Once a week, you can have lean red meat and sweets.

The top 10 anti-aging foods are avocado, berries, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, ginger, nuts, soya, pasta and rice, watermelon and water.

Boost up your circulation. Get physical. Move. Exercise doesn’t only keep you alert but also a good way to beat the signs of aging. Keeping your weight 10% below your ideal weight is a great target and boosts your anti-aging success.

Avoid the sun. As much as possible, avoid the UV rays. If you can’t help going out when the sun shines at its strongest, protect your skin with products that contain high SPF. Even face powders contain sunscreen so puff some on your face. It will go a long way.


How To Get Younger Looking Skin

It’s no secret at all how younger looking skin is achieved. It’s not all about the expensive beauty products that you put on your face or the make up that you put on to cover skin discoloration, wrinkles and other imperfections.

With or without makeup, premature aging will show. It’s better to get down to the root of the problem so you will know how to solve it.

What are the steps that you can take to get younger looking skin?

Turn inward. Give yourself the pampering that you deserve. Get a massage. Start a hobby. Do what makes you happy. When you love what you are doing, you avoid stress and mood swings.

Take note of environmental factors. Internal aging is based on our genes. We will grow old whether we like it or not so deal with it. When it comes to external aging though, we can do something about it. External aging is brought about by a lot of factors including the effect of UV rays on our skin and pollution on our health. So do your share. Avoid the sun, use sunscreen, don’t squint and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Also, be aware of the top anti-aging foods such as avocado, berries, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, ginger, nuts, soya, pasta and rice, watermelon. Include it in your diet so you’ll get enough vitamins A, C and E, vitamins that are known to contain antioxidants. Antioxidants repair the damage caused by free radicals and even prevent it. When free radicals remain unchecked, that damage they caused to your cells may even become cancerous.

Aiming for overall health will show in your outward appearance. Makeup wouldn’t hide the fact that you feel sluggish or tired. Start making healthy changes from the inside out.