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The Health Benefits of Blueberries

The old adage, ďAn apple a day keeps the doctor awayĒ may be true, but studies now confirm that blueberries have far more beneficial effects than apples.† What are the health benefits of blueberries? Letís take a look.

Have you become forgetful? You know, misplaced the car keys or canít remember someoneís name. Well the good news is that blueberries, consumed on a daily basis in a bowl of cereal, for example, can improve your memory.

Blueberries ranked the highest in antioxidant properties, and have been proven to aid in the anti-aging process. Moreover, blueberries are known to restrict the harmful effects that free radicals can cause. Not all free radicals are considered harmful. But some can cause damage to our cells, as well as cause various types of cancer. The older we become, the more difficult it is to safeguard against these free radicals. By consuming blueberries, we have a better chance of minimizing the damage.

Blueberries have also shown to lower cholesterol, which is a major problem among many people today. Research has proven that a specific component in blueberries reduces the chances of urinary tract infections by preventing bacteria from lining the walls of the urinary tract.

Blueberries have effective anti-inflammatory, anti-blood clotting, and antibacterial effects. In fact, they have been used in cases of diarrhea and food poisoning.

Studies have also shown that blueberries can improve eyesight, and are thought to help in reducing eye fatigue.

Researchers feel there is a great chance that blueberries can help in the fight against obesity and heart disease. But the most exciting news is that it may be linked in the fight against cancer.

A half cup of blueberries a day can make all the difference in fighting off potential health problems. The next time you go to your supermarket, pick up a pound of fresh blueberries or a bag frozen blueberries. You will see remarkable results after a few weeks.
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Top super foods for your health

Top super foods for your health

When it comes to nutrition and value for money, beans get an A-plus. They’re high in B vitamins and fiber, and all for just pennies a serving. They’re also easy to add to everyday dishes. Plus, with so much variety, you’ll never get bored. Try adding them to soups and stews and using less meat. Also, you can make bean burritos, tacos, and even bean dips.


With all the positive press blueberries are receiving, it’s hard to overlook that these little berries contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than most other foods. And they’re not hard to like. You can freeze them and eat them frozen as a snack, add them to your morning cereal, blend them into a smoothie, or even add them to your muffins, pancakes and waffles.


OK, now this one does remind me of the dark green cabbage, but it really is good for you. It’s great for your immune system and supports cardiovascular health. Some people can tolerate eating it raw by combining it with a dip. But if that’s a bit too much for you, you can use chopped broccoli in casseroles and soups and not even realize it’s in there.


Oats are low in fat and an excellent source of fiber. If a bowl of oatmeal doesn’t appeal to you, try adding oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs next time you make a meatloaf, or use it as a topping along with nuts for fruit desserts. And, yes, there’s always the oatmeal cookie.

I always use toasted walnuts for recipes like fruit cobblers, crumbles, and when I make homemade pesto sauce. You can also add them to muffins, or sprinkle toasted ones on your salad.

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Beans and Other Magical Foods

Boise Weekly, ID – May 1, 2007

This superfood is probably the most expensive one of the bunch. If your budget can’t stretch to fresh salmon, maybe eat it just once a month,

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Live longer with these super foods

Live longer with these super foods

Foods that can not only help you lose weight, but actually extend your life would seem almost too good to be true, but a renowned cardiovascular nutrition expert says there are at least seven that you can eat to your heart’s content.

Vegetables and fruits, garlic, red and white wine, fish, dark chocolate and nuts are the secrets to good health, according to Dr. Ralph Felder.

“All of these together will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack and kidney failure by 75 percent and that translates into 6.4 years extra bonus for you and your family,” he said.

Felder said the extra benefits of these foods is that you can use them in recipes that will keep you from remembering that you are eating a healthful diet.

The fish should be grilled or broiled, and the wine should be limited to about five ounces.

Felder said the fruits and veggies are high in fiber and antioxidants that have been proven to prevent cancer, heart and digestive diseases and lower artery-clogging cholesterol.

The fruits and veggies also help with weight loss because they have a high water content and fill you up with fewer calories and a high nutrition content.

As for fish, we have all heard about the salmon, tuna and other cold water fish that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, but those same health benefits can be found in a local seafood favorite.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize is that our own Louisiana seafood has Omega-3 fatty acids,” said Dr. Melinda Sothern.

“It doesn’t have as much as salmon obviously, but crawfish has the same fish oil.”

Garlic can be added to your dishes, and it can be taken as a supplement in pill form, but Felder said it is better to get it in its natural form.

For dessert, dark chocolate — chocolates high in cocoa content – and nuts can be accommodated into a diet.

“We know that chocolate helps to lower your blood pressure — now it has to be dark chocolate — will lower your blood pressure as much as pills do,” said Felder.

“Walnuts are very powerful foods and are associated with reductions in heart disease, diabetes…they are very full of good oils.”

Finally, Felder touts the benefits of wine — red or white — in helping raise good cholesterol levels.

Sothern adds that grape juice and red grapes can also give similar benefits, with grapes having the added benefit of fiber.
Super Foods: Seven that can add years, remove pounds (Fox 11 Tucson)

Foods that can not only help you lose weight, but actually extend your life would seem almost too good to be true, but a renowned cardiovascular nutrition expert says there are at least seven that you can eat to your heartís content.

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How to eat your way to beautiful hair

How to eat your way to beautiful hair

Eat Sun Chokes

Beauty connection: Beautiful hair! (Iron)


The edible roots of American sunflowers, sunchokes are much like potatoes in texture and taste, but offer more by way of iron, which carries oxygen throughout the body aiding in hair growth.

Health benefit/consumption:

A cup of sliced sunchokes provides a quarter of your daily iron. Thatís about the same amount found in 3 ounces of beef eye-of-round but with no fat and only 114 calories per cup! Thatís twice the iron youíll muscle out of a medium baked potato.

  • Cooked sunchokes replace potatoes in purees and creamed soups. I love them in stir-fries since it reminds me of a crunchy water chestnut! Craving scalloped potatoes? Use sunchokes instead. Can be found in gourmet grocery stores year round.

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Six super foods for inner beauty (MSNBC)

SELF Magazine is here with great healthy foods that will keep you smooth, slim and sexy. So add these to your grocery list!

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