CosMedix Skin Care

The Cosmedix philosophy is based around the principle that inflammation is the core cause of all skin conditions. Most skin care lines have used ingredients that create inflammation when treating these common skin care problems (artificial colours and fragrances). Cosmedix have taken it a step further by not only removing the irritants but making the active ingredients less irritating as well. The process is called Chiral correction. This process has won a Nobel Prize, it is one of the leading brands in America and Australia and one of the few approved by the FDA.

Cosmedix innovative, non traumatic peels succeed by stimulating gentle healthy change deep in the dermis (skin) to create a beautiful renewed complexion. You will achieve great results with minimum down time. A peel regenerates the skin. Most chemical peels consist of chemical solutions applied to the skin which result in flakes or blisters that eventually peel off. This painful old technology destroys healthy tissue forcing the body to heal itself again. CosMedix Chirally correct peels are associated with better ingredients less downtime and fewer side effects. Safe enough to be repeated bi-monthly if needed and with no anaesthetic required.

CosMedix Peels can be used to treat:

Cosmedix offer correct peels categorised as “today’s peels” and “tomorrow peels”.

Cosmedix Today’s Peels: can be used without any prior skin preparation.
CosMedix Purity Peel for acne, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, It clears the skin of acne lesions, controls sebaceous activity, reduces inflammation and exfoliates.

Cosmedix Benefit Peel for – acne, aging, gentle enough for rosacea and hypersensitive.
It delivers nourishing and stimulating ingredients deep into skin layers. The best all round peel for all skin types and conditions.

Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie for – oily, acned skin, also effective for sun damaged skin.
Invigorates and exfoliates the skin with the use of gentle acid and active blueberry extracts.

CosMedix Pomegranate Peel for – Hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
Supports the life of healthy cells and infuses skin with antioxidants to prevent free radical damage.

CosMedix Blueberry Jessner Peel for – acnes, mature and aging skin, hyperpigmentation.
Exceptional acne drying treatment that also reduces fine lines and improves the appearance of mature skin. Also modifies and lightens epidermal pigmentary disorders.


CosMedix Tomorrow’s Peels: need 10 to 30 days advanced skin preparation.

CosMedix Deep Sea Peel for – Hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, acne, mild acne scarring, sun damage, premature aging. Relying on the healing power of the ocean, it can generate collegen and stimulate deeper cellular turnover.

CosMedix Timeless Peel for – Hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring, premature aging.
This peel dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging, it contains 30% Chirally corrected L-retinol A to generate immense skin composition and elasticity.

 The importance of good skin nutrition combined with a good skin care routine. You will always get advice for your diet and lifestyle when treating your skin with Cosmedix. It wouldn’t be good practice charging you for a treatment that will only last temporarily when a few healthy changes will make it last a life time.

Removing toxins and bringing balance to your diet, you will achieve a healthy glow to your skin. Most people don’t realize that acne is often caused by an impaired digestive function and colon problems. Cosmedix have a range of products designed to treat these problems and remove the build up of toxins as well as normalising the body’s pH levels.

Cosmedix cruelty-free product do not contain any of the following:

• Glycolic Acid
• Fragrance
• Dyes
• Mineral Oil
• Parabens
• Benzoyl peroxide

A Cosmedix treatment is a life style change not just a quick fix. Individual treatments will be designed for you and your needs. With step by step instructions and advice. You will start by completing a life style and health questionnaire, have a deep discussion about your skincare goals, and have a full skin evaluation, followed by a treatment and if needed plan for future treatments.

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