Derma-fills: put on a happy face faster

Derma-fills: Put on a happy face faster (Inside Bay Area)

This is an article about unnatural anti aging methods.? Injecting filler material into your face to get rid of wrinkles and it’ll last for a few years.

“The appeal of these remedies is obvious.

“There is no down time,” says Dr. Peter Webb, a dermatologist at Mills Medical Arts Building in San Mateo. “It’s a quick remedy that looks good right away … as opposed to surgical or some laser treatments that have days or weeks of recovery time.

“You can do it one day and the next day or two, with a little bit of makeup, you’re out and about.”

But, here’s one concern that you should remember:

“Moreover, no one really knows how long-lasting fillers will look years later as the face continues to age.”

And lastly, here’s how they attack the alternative anti aging remedies:

“People waste a lot of money on a $100 bottle of cream, and that’s all just a lick and a promise,” San Mateo’s Webb says. “But here are things that really make a difference. They’re safe, they’re really easily done … .”


SHIRLEY MacLAINE once said she was proud of each wrinkle because it was a mark of wisdom and experience. It was also a mark of aging, but, like so many others, MacLaine chose not to dwell.

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