Do Anti Aging Products Work?

I was visiting with my sister and brother in law the other day and an interesting conversation came up.† My mother and sister were talking about cosmetics and anti aging products and one of them was called Olay Regenerist and my brother in law started making jokes about Olay “miracle workers”, or Olay “hope in a jar” and others.† While he was teasing my sister and mother, something struck me as interesting and I wanted to explain that a little bit more.

Many women are looking for anti aging products and expecting them to instantly make them look like they did in high school or college.The wish for these women is that the wrinkles will somehow vanish overnight and their dark circles will just go away.† It does not work that way.† When you start an anti aging regimen, you will be applying several creams and lotions in the morning and then several again at night.† It will take a few weeks and months before you start to see lasting results.But when you get in the habit of healthy eating and exercising, you will start to see the dark circles and wrinkles diminish.

If you keep smoking and practicing unhealthy habits, you will not get good results no matter which anti aging products you are using.† You have to eat the right anti aging foods that promote healthy cell growth and avoid the fatty processed foods that cause you to gain weight and get saggy skin.†

There are some proven anti aging products that work but you have to be a little patient.† It's hard to deal with the looks or teasing from family and friends but maintain a cheerful and positive attitude and start the right anti aging habits and you will see the results you are looking for.† Don’t lose hope.And just ignore all the people who tease you about your wrinkles and skin, they will be there soon enough.