Find Out About Harmful Chemical Ingredients In Anti Aging Skin Products And Makeup

There’s harmful ingredients in anti aging skin care treatments and cosmetics.

This is a scary assertion. Regrettably it’s accurate. In America a number of of skincare products, anti aging products, makeup, individual and beauty treatments such as soaps, shampoos and conditioners, deodorants and toothpastes contain harmful chemical ingredients.

Many of those ingredients haven’t been tested for basic safety on people. Several come from the distillation of crude oil, meaning that they are a petrochemical. Many of these have been linked to a wide range of health conditions. Some are even known to cause cancer.

It may astonish you that in a nation like ours an enormous business like this puts dangerous chemical ingredients into it’s treatments and puts the safety and health of the citizens of the nation at risk. Sadly it’s correct.

Lots of the ingredients utilized in  many of these treatments like our antiaging skin products and a whole lot more are banned in The European Union but are permitted in our products in the USA.

The issue is so terrible that there are organisations established to try to fight this expansion of chemical ingredients in our personal products. Two of the better known would be the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Teens Turning Green. Both have websites you’ll find with a quick Google lookup, and both highlight the possible risks of utilizing so many of the daily treatments you probably have in your bathroom right now.

The issue stems from the fact that our government will not make any real effort to control what goes into these treatments. The FDA isn’t forced to satisfy itself that the components in these kinds of treatments are safe. And big enterprise being what it is if they can get away with it they will. These anti aging skin products and others generate many billions of dollars each year.

Organisations like the two I have mentioned are battling a long uphill battle to attempt to reverse the problem. They are fighting hard.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is due to release a 7 minute movie about harmful cosmetics featuring the issue. They’ve already launched a quick teaser video however I expect the long version to be very revealing.

So keep an eye out for the new video about harmful makeup and antiaging products, and view it through when it is accessible.

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