Hair Transplant – An Effective Anti-Aging Technique

Some things are never meant to last. Like youth and good health, for some of us, hair is essentially one of the things that we take for granted — and, of course, lament over when it’s gone. It is the persistent quest of human being to have something they had previously. It is a compulsory procedure for those having very high hair loss comparable to the procedure of facials and hormonal treatment for age reversal.

What comes to our mind when thinking of hair transplant is hair sticking.It is very horrifying at least for the eyes and think of it as a banned subject. But what is a hair transplant, really? Since the 1950s itself both men and women are delirious about getting back the hair they have lost over a period of time. A surgery involving a hair-bearing scalp, a hair transplant essentially utilizes a narrow strip of healthy hair scalp removed from the back of the head to “refill” the area with thinning or no hair.

It is a least invasive surgery undertaken with only local anesthesia in the doctor’s room. The time taken varies from four to eight hours based on the seriousness of the patients problem. The doctor may advise a single session or subsequent follow-up hair transplant sessions for the patient based on the minimal or maximum hair issues faced by the patient.

The outcome of the surgery

Most patients expect growth in a matter of months, if not weeks. But how fast can the results be? In most cases, new growths can be noticed in a few months. Accompanying this progress is the transplanted hair falling out, and most people think that the procedure has failed because of this. Your scalp essentially engenders this process because it needs to. The previous ones shed to give place for the new ones to grow.

Some of the doctors advise patients to take pills minoxidil (Rogaine) for hair growth. In spite of many patients being desperate about it, not many doctors and specialists feel efficiency of this process.

The outlay for the treatment

The charge involved to get back the lost hair need to be ascertained? The smallest amount that one has to spend may be around $4000. The surgery may cost up to $20,000 based on the hair required to be transplanted. Alas that you cannot get any claim from the insurance for hair transplant. Author is an expert on hair transplant india and hair transplant in india.