Have Beach Fun and Prevent Beach Damage with Hair Sun Protection

Hair sun protection is frequently overlooked. If you are like most people, you spend most of the year looking forward to summer. But your hair may be dreading it. While you may love the warm, sunny glow your hair gets in the summer, that blonde is seriously hard on your locks. Hair with natural, sunny highlights can quickly deteriorate into stiff, dried-out straw if you do not take steps to protect it.

Here are several tips for effective hair sun protection:

* Be sure to moisturize – Pool chemicals and salt from the ocean are incredibly destructive when it comes to your hair. The best method of hair sun protection is constant moisturizing. Like your skin, your hair needs moisture to resist environmental damage. Use a leave-in conditioner or mix up a weak mixture of your regular conditioner and water and spritz your hair each time you exit the water.

* Keep watch for Octyl Methyoxycinnamate – Usually, you will want to avoid complicated chemicals when it comes to your hair. But octyl methyoxycinnamate indicates a product has serious SPF power. Vitamins A, E and C are also a good defense against free radicals. These highly charged molecules cause the cells that they contact to deteriorate rapidly.

* Go Under Cover – Placing physical protection between the sun and your hair is probably the most fool-proof method of hair sun protection. Throw a big beach hat on for a glamorous, fully protected look. This is vital when the sun is strongest, between 10 AM and 3PM.

* Do the Right “Do” – A bun or pony tail protects the majority of your hair during unexpected sun exposure. Pulling your hair back and working a dollop of regular sunscreen through it will protect it and give you a convenient, “beachy” look.

If you want to avoid damaged locks and major split ends, then you must remember to protect your hair from the sun. Hair sun protection keeps your hair healthy and vibrant for fall.

This article was originally featured on www.BeautyCtr.com and was republished here by request.