How Being Overweight Affects Aging

There is a direct link between aging and being overweight. Scientists from the US and UK found that “the more people weigh, the older their cells appear on a molecular level.” In layman’s term, that means adding nine years to your chronological age. Experts concluded that fat accelerates the aging process.

Don’t get fooled because wrinkles aren’t the only signs of aging. Obesity increases the risks of many diseases as well. For those who are finding it hard to lose extra pounds, it’s time to start working on a program. You may start with little changes. It wouldn’t be easy but doing something about it is better than nothing at all.

The body’s organs tend to work harder in overweight people that in those whose weight is ideal and lead active lives.

Since fat has direct effect on aging the solution would be to reduce weight.

Start slow. Set real expectations. You are not looking to lose 20 pounds in a week here. Slow but steady weight loss has the higher probability that you’re going to keep the pounds off for long. Walk whenever the opportunity presents itself. Use the stairs instead of elevator. Pick a sport and enjoy playing it. Enroll in a gym program. There are many activities that can help a lot to realize your goals.

Eat sensibly. Minimize sweets. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Don’t go on crash diets. It will make you even heavier because there’s tendency that you’ll gain it right back or even put on weight more.