How To Better Care For Your Baby’s Skin

Baby skin care is more complicated than most people think it is. The best skin care involves taking care of a baby’s whole body. Newborn infants are especially prone to skin irritations and problems because it takes a while for their skin to get used to the world that exists outside of their mothers’ wombs. Practicing proper baby skin care means making smart choices throughout the day. Everything you do from dressing your baby to bathing her will affect her skin. Don’t freak out yet–good skin care does not have to be complicated or difficult. With just a little bit of common sense it can be really simple. Here are some tips to help you out as you get used to the new routine.

When you apply sunscreen to your baby’s arms and legs don’t forget to put some on his cheeks, nose lips and ears as well! Give your baby some extra protection by applying some zinc oxide to his face and ears when you take him outdoors. Don’t forget that sunny days always require a hat or a bonnet! There isn’t any such thing as being too cautious! Fresh air can work wonders for a baby’s skin. In fact, most diaper rashes and skin issues develop because the baby has been sitting in a wet or fouled diaper for too long or wrapped up too tightly in his or her clothes.

Your baby’s skin needs to be able to breathe in order to stop these problems in their tracks. No, we are no longer in the “Garden” but your baby’s skin can take a break from the warm and moist diaper when you let him go naked on occasion. Of course, you will only want to do this when you are in a comfortable environment. This doesn’t have to be done all day everyday to get the desired results. You can start experimenting and adjust accordingly. Just be sure that it isn’t in a cold temperature where your baby can develop associated illnesses.

You don’t need to use very much soap at all to keep your baby’s skin clean. A few drops are about all you need to clean him thoroughly. If you use too much soap you could dry out his skin which will leave him vulnerable for skin irritants. Your baby’s skin should not come into direct contact with the actual soap. Use a soft washcloth to build up a soapy lather which will be perfectly effective in cleaning your baby and is easy to rinse off. It will be easier for you, especially while you are still learning, to only wash one part of your baby’s body at a time. A slippery soapy baby can be scary to deal with!

Practicing proper baby skin care can be done via a variety of methods such as choosing the right Meaningful Beauty routine which most people with big skin problems should have. You need to remember that practicing proper baby skin care involves more than a plain bath. Making sure your baby’s skin gets enough fresh air (aka “naked time”). Finding the right laundry soap and always using sunscreen are other important factors in proper baby skin care. Don’t worry too much. You will eventually become quite used to caring for your baby’s skin. Before you know what the outcome, you’ll find that you don’t even have to think about this anymore.

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