How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

If you are serious about losing wrinkles, you should stop smoking right now. Cigarettes do a number of things to your body that might cause premature wrinkles to form. Cigarettes inhibit the amount of collagen that your body makes to cure injuries and fix injured skin, which can end up in deeper wrinkles. Cigarettes also inhibit the body’s circulation, which means blood won’t reach the capillaries ( minute blood vessels ) in the skin on your face, meaning more dead skin, wrinkles, and less color in your cheeks.

Staying out of the sun should help you get rid of wrinkles. If you are sun worshipper like myself, you’re painfully aware of how bad the sun is for your skin today. Not only do you do lots of squinting in the sun, producing “crows feet” wrinkles around the eyes, but if you have ever seen a man who just will not stop tanning, you can see what I’m talking about–their skin is like leather. Do yourself a favor and reduce wrinkles by putting on suntan lotion if you’re going to be around between the peak hours of sunlight (10:00 am – 3:30 pm ), and wear sun shades when you go out, too.

Avoid strong soaps and scalding water if you want to shed wrinkles. A lot of people make an association between exfoliating face washes and the reduction of wrinkles. The fact of the case is, oppressive facial cleaners, hot water, and soaps that claim to get rid of wrinkles only serve to make your skin less healthy and more subject to forming wrinkles by murdering the top layers of your skin and seeping the oil out of layers of skin below that. Over time, this repeated abuse of your skin will show in the number and deepness of your wrinkles.

A diet loaded in Hyaluronic Acid could be to your ticket to lose wrinkles. Studies done have shown that people who ingest a large quantity of hyaluronic acid ( sweet potatoes are loaded HA ) live longer compared to folks who do not. Because the absence of hyaluronic acid is sometimes times the reason for early wrinkles, it’s safe to assume that hyaluronic additions are an effective means to get rid of wrinkles. There are, some studies linking HA to cancer. So, before you start off to your local health foods shop in search of hyaluronic acid additions, do a little research and maybe see a nutrionist or a doctor and ask them for a second opinion about this matter.

Anti wrinkle treatments that contain Glycolic Acid and moisturizing creams may help shed wrinkles. You have 2 decisions for Hydroxy acids: alpha and beta. For reasons we won’t get into here, alpha hydroxy acids are best for treating sun-damaged skin that isn’t subject to stuff like acne. To paraphrase, kids should stay away from alpha hydroxy acids, and go with beta hydroxy acids which are better for treating clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, and to avoid premature wrinkles.