How to Know if Bare Mineral Makeup is Right for You

Bare Mineral Makeup initiated the mineral makeup revolution nearly a decade ago. Since that time, hundreds of makeup manufacturers have tried to cash in on the popularity of Bare Mineral. Due to this, the research and ideas behind the original makeup has become somewhat distorted.

Lots of people think that mineral makeup is all the same. The words “mineral makeup” can be used in a variety of ways. Lots of very different versions are all legal when describing cosmetics. Bare Mineral Makeup uses one of the strictest definitions around when it comes to mineral makeup. This makes the company highly attractive to people who value their complexions and want to stretch their beauty budget dollars.

Here are some of the most important things that Bare Mineral Makeup believes distinguish it from the other mineral makeup lines:

* Bare Mineral is entirely hypoallergenic – The makeup does not have any fragrances, oils or even talc. Talc causes an allergic reaction in many people. This is particularly notable, however, because many “mineral makeups” rely on talc to back up their claims of being mineral based.

* This makeup is actually good for your skin – This brand of makeup actually can help relieve adult acne and rosacea with continued use over time. This is possibly due to the extremely hypoallergenic nature of the brand. Ultimately, Bare Mineral Makeup wearers claim consistently clearer, healthier skin with use.

* Bare Mineral Products have a natural SPF of 15 no matter what – The product line has received the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of recommendation. SPF 15 is recommended for daily wear. Bare Mineral products save you from the application of sunscreen under your makeup. This is an easier way to protect yourself from skin cancer. Also, it is more likely that more women will do so when it is easier to do.

Bare Escentuals is another name for the Bare Mineral Makeup product line. These brands can be found in what the company terms “BE Boutiques” around the country. You can also use the internet to buy them at steeply discounted prices. If you love your skin and want to be sure your makeup is making even your unmade-up look better, than Bare Mineral Makeup is for you.

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