How To Stop Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet refer to a type of an undesirable trait in kind of small wrinkles that form on the corner the human eye. The emergence of these wrinkles starts forming from the outlying corner of the eye and then spreads all around each one of the eyes. The development of crow’s feet is strongly associated with age as it’s been known to prosper as folks continue aging. There is no doubt this trait is thought of unattractive by close to half of the planet's human population as experienced by the continuing quest to find its treatment and prevention.


Laughter has principally been cited as the best medication for a large range of complications affecting humans for example depression and stress. However for crow’s feet the case is quite different. Dermatologists mention that continuing movement of facial muscles and those particularly round the eyes as result of grins, squints and chortles accelerate wrinkle formation. The argument is reliant on the indisputable fact that the skin round the eyes is less muscle-bound hence unable to bear additional forces acting on them. Direct sun rays are also a leading factor so far as wrinkle formation is concerned. Regular exposure to direct sunlight weakens the low collagen and elastin around the eyes hence inflating wrinkles formation.

Treatment and prevention

To get rid of these eye wrinkles, experts in the medical industry endorse application of crow’s feet cream and wearing of sunglasses when in the sunshine. Such creams contain rich moisturizing ingredients like vitamin A which play big role in nurturing and prettifying your face so that all your wrinkles are concealed. Dermatologists also advocate wearing of hats to protect you face from direct sun rays which might be harmful to the fragile skin around the eyes. Another option of doing away with the wrinkles is choosing to bear surgical treatments to improve a smooth face and cope with eye wrinkles.

Andrea Hamilton is a freelance writer. Her interests include healthy, beauty and skincare. She has written broadly on effective natural wrinkle removers and alternative strategies to reach facelift without surgery.