Is Your Micro Needle Roller Safe To Use On Your Eyes?

This refreshing concept isn’t new, but it, is based on the ancient skin needling process that helps to reverse aging, repair acne scars and promote collagen production.  

Tiny punctures are created in the upper layer of the dermis with tiny, micro needles which are attached to a sterile roller.The goal is to encourage collagen production and elastin by generating new skin cells which allows self repair of the skin.

By puncturing the skin with micro needling, our body sees this as an injury and the self healing process is automatically activated.

Results you can expect are:

  • Improves skin texture
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Improves the appearance of large pores
  • Stretchmarks are diminished
  • Skin needling with any type of Derma Roller is relatively painless and downtime is either minimal or non existent.  It’s considered the best anti aging products for non ablative skin rejuvenation.The process is non ablative, so it’s safe to do at home at your convenience. It may sound frightening, but the only thing you feel is a tingling sensation from the micro needles.

    The wound that is creating during the skin needling process cannot be seen, but what happens is our body detects the injury and the self healing process beings with producing collagen.Our face roller has 192 to 200 needles.  The roller is rolled across the skin multiple times which creates thousands of micro channels. Each channel creates an opportunity for skin products to be absorbed into the skin.

    Don’t forget to clean your Derma Rejuv Roller after each treatment, you can perform the process 4-5 times a week.  It is worth your time, and will last about a year before needing to be replaced.  We have more information about micro needling and are happy to help with any questions.