LaViv Is It Better Than Botox And The Top Age Defying Drug

LaViv is the new anti-wrinkle drug which is challenging the domination of Botox. LaViv has just been accepted by the FDA being issued a licence.

The reason why the FDA have recognized LaViv is that they ruled that it can have a legitimate biological effect in lessening the effects of aging. Botox the most popular anti-aging procedure at this time has the problem with leaving one’s facial features appearing “frozen”. It has resulted in a stream of celebs being subjected to ridicule.

Currently it is estimated that over one million people get Botox injections every year in a pursuit to look more youthful. If laViv can duplicate the results of Botox but minus the negative effects it may well grow to be extremely popular rapidly.

Just What Does LaViv Treatment Involve?

LaViv anti-wrinkle treatment requires the removal of types of cells called fibroblasts from behind the patient’s ear. They’re then cultured for ninety days, creating tens of millions of new cells. These are then re-injected in to the patient during three individual sessions at five-week time intervals. This is different to Botox treatment that works by temporarily paralyzing the little muscles that causes frown wrinkles and lines.

What about LaViv?

A cell regeneration license was given to laViv’s US manufacturer Fibrocell Science following a 180 day trial which involved 421 women. The Food and Drug administration ruled that the smile lines of patients, that run from nose to the side of the mouth had been naturally smoothed because of the drug.

Someone that were involved in the trials Janet Davis, 64, from Maryland, who had been injected with laViv seven years ago and says the beneficial effects remain.

“As far as I’m concerned this is amazing”, she said “I have never had any other cosmetic work. It came about as I had skin cancer off my wrist and I was chatting to the dermatologist. People generally think I am at least ten years younger than I am”. At the moment the Food and drug administration have ruled that the results of laViv last for six months which was the length of the trial. At the moment the results of Botox treatment lasts 3-6 months.

What Will LaViv Cost?

There is now a further trial on 2,700 women being carried out in a bid to obtain a licence which will include the whole face. Whilst laViv has official medical approval, treatment will set you back US$1,600 – 3,300 (GBP£1-2000) and also take a minimum of ninety days to carry out. Botox in comparison costs as little as US$160 (GBP£100) but many specialists still believe people will go with laViv.

Chris Mason of regenerative medicine at University College London said “I think laViv will blow Botox out of the water because it will be so much better. The FDA is generally hard to persuade, and the fact they have given this approval is a very strong recommendation for this product”.

LaViv A Conclusion

As yet laViv anti-wrinkle treatment is in final testing however if it receives a license for the whole face then it could be the anti-aging injection treatment of choice for people wanting to appear younger.

It might be higher priced as well as take more time however the fact that it may last longer and not leave your face looking “frozen” will be what makes it so appealing within the ever growing cosmetic industry.

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