Men’s skin care tips

Guy, if you want to look good, keep your skin healthy, and fight the signs of aging, you donít have to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning or have expensive procedures, no matter what your wife or girlfriend may say.† You just need to take a few steps every day to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

If youíve ever looked at skin products on the market or seen an infomercial for some miracle cream, you probably already know about oil and large pores.† Oily skin and large pores are the biggest obstacles to keeping your skin looking great.† Well, men have bigger pores and produce more oil than women, which means they actually have bigger problems.

To take care of oil and reduce the size of pores, you should find a high quality face wash that is also marked as a pore minimizer.† If youíre worried about fruity or flowery smells, donít be.† There are products made especially for men that donít have all the frills of normal scrubs.

In addition to having clean healthy skin, you probably want it to look younger as well.† The easiest way to do this is by applying a daily sun block.† Be sure to grab one made for faces and a separate one for your whole body.† There are facial moisturizers available with sun block in them, just donít use moisturize if you have very oily skin that is prone to break outs.

Even if you arenít worried about how your skin looks or the aging effects of the sun, men should still be concerned about skin cancer.† Sun damage can cause melanoma, a deadly, fast spreading cancer that is easily prevented by the regular use of sun block or wearing protective clothing.† Even if you arenít concerned about yourself, your family probably is.

Sun isnít the only thing outside that damages your skin and leaves you looking older.† Youíre also exposed to pollutants and other chemicals in the air that can cause damage to your skin.† They can leave you looking older and may contribute to other health problems.† Thatís why itís even more important to wash you skin regularly.

Your mom probably always told you that you shouldnít eat chocolate because it will make you break out.† While oily foods donít trigger breakouts in most people, food allergies and sensitivities can increase the occurrence of embarrassing pimples.† If you get frequent breakouts, keep a journal of what foods you eat and if you get any blemishes.† Then, just avoid and foods that appear to trigger skin problems.

Drink plenty of water.† This allows your skin cells to properly remove all the waste and other harmful chemicals that may build up and leave your skin looking dull.† Plus, being properly hydrated can prevent dry skin and also bloated, puffy looking skin.† Drinking plenty of water is an easy way for your skin to look great without having to go to the beauty aisle at the grocery store.

If you take a little time every day to care for your skin, you will look younger and be healthier.