Is it possible at long last that there is a natural alternative to Botox?

Botox may be fantastic at masking wrinkles but the injections must be repeated every three months or so because the effect soon wears off. As a result, Botox is quite an exorbitant treatment out of reach for the average person’s budget.

In contrast, many people would prefer to use an anti-wrinkle cream if they found it could deliver the same results as Botox. Moreoever, it’s a lot safer than Botox as let’s face it, not everyone that’s used Botox looks better as a result. I’m sure we’ve all seen pics of certain celebraties that well, I’m sure you could say, would now regret undergoing Botox treatment.

That’s where ‘Natox’ comes in. At long last this could be the natural and competitively priced solution that many people have waited for.

So what exactly is Natox? Natox is a one hundred per cent organic anti wrinkle cream produced by RichieBrown. It has been clinically tested and proven to deliver the same results as Botox without the pain, side effects or bizarre looking cases that often ensue after repeated treatments of Botox.

Let’s look in some more detail about how Natox works. The vast majority of anti-wrinkle creams focus on the surface of the skin. Natox actually penetrates further under the skin to the source of problems. In this sense, Natox is very similar to Botox as it works directly on the nerves and muscles that actually create wrinkles and fine lines in the first place.

In traditional Botox treatments a toxin is used that binds nerve endings, which prevents acetylcholine being released (this is a signaling neurotransmitter) which in turn stops the signal transmitting to the muscle to tell it to contract.

The revolutionary properties of Natox though allow it to achieve the same result. This is because high energy ‘discharges’ are used at specific frequencies that create ‘uniquely structured resonating particles’.

It is these particles that emit a specific frequency that disrupts the synapse in between the muscle and the nerve ending which in turn blocks the signal that tells the muscle to contract.

This results in a relaxation of facial lines and leaves the skin looking firmer and smoother.

For more information or if you’re looking to start using this amazing product go to Natox.