Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

If you don’t have a clue on what skin care products to buy or didn’t know the difference between a moisturizer and an anti aging serum, then going natural is your best bet to preserve your youthful skin.

Improve your diet. If there is a diet pyramid where you need to moderate sweets and empty calories, there is also a pyramid guideline to boost your body’s anti-aging properties.

On a daily basis, drink lots of pure filtered water, eat complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, barley, oats and cereals. Load up on fruits, legumes and nuts and green leafy vegetables. Eat one organic egg a day and use olive oil or fats from fish and poultry.

Twice a week, you can add to your diet moderate servings of deep sea cold water fish and free range poultry.

Once a week, you can have lean red meat and sweets.

The top 10 anti-aging foods are avocado, berries, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, ginger, nuts, soya, pasta and rice, watermelon and water.

Boost up your circulation. Get physical. Move. Exercise doesn’t only keep you alert but also a good way to beat the signs of aging. Keeping your weight 10% below your ideal weight is a great target and boosts your anti-aging success.

Avoid the sun. As much as possible, avoid the UV rays. If you can’t help going out when the sun shines at its strongest, protect your skin with products that contain high SPF. Even face powders contain sunscreen so puff some on your face. It will go a long way.