Naturally Healthy Skin

Healthy skin – naturally

Here’s an oatmeal based anti wrinkle product from the folks at Aveeno that’ll help moisturize and soothe your skin.

Here’s what they say:

“All sorts of things are conspiring to dry out our skin and make it
more prone to unsightly cracking and irritation,” says (Aveeno
spokesperson). “Overuse of soaps, sun damage, air conditioning, skin
conditions, smoking and stress are just some of the modern lifestyle
hazards that can cause dry skin problems.?

“Dry skin feels itchy, uncomfortable and irritated and AVEENO ACTIVE
NATURALS natural colloidal oatmeal and moisture-rich emollients
moisturise and soothe dry skin in a range of ways – from bath oils
through to 24 hour moisturisers.”


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