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Receivethe missed dose as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the one you Amantadine hcl involvedand go back to your regulardosing schedule. Do not take two doses at once.

How should I store Aldactone?

Store at room is without a doubta diuretic medication used to monitorhigh blood pressure. It is used to treat hyperaldosteronism (an enhanceof the hormone aldosterone, which can lead to high blood pressure) and other conditions that require the removal of Really seriousheart failure

Adults: The usual earlydose is 25 mg once daily, depending on the levels of potassium and renal function.

How to take Aldactone?

Take this medicine every day as prescribed by your doctor.

What should I avoid taking Aldactone?

Avoid potassium mineral tabletsand foods high in potassium, including salt substitutes. Also abstain fromdrinking alcohol.

Avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated during exercise and in hot weather. Follow your doctor’s Amantadine Hydrochloride courses large quantityfluid from the body (eg, congestive or severe heart failure and kidney disease), and treat or prevent low blood potassium.

What is the most worthwhileinformation I should know about Aldactone?

Only Aldactone buttonshigh blood pressure, it does not cure it. Must Aldactone regularly to be effective.

If you have severe heart failure, your doctor will need to monitor potassium skillsduring therapy with Aldactone.

Who should not take Aldactone?

Do not take Aldactone if you are accurateto any of its parts, and if you have kidney disease, difficulty urinating, or high levels of potassium.

What should I tell my health practitionerbefore taking the first dose of Aldactone?

Tell your doctor about all prescription, over-the-counter and herbal medications you are taking before beginning health care Amaryl with Aldactone. Also, talk to your doctor about your complete medical history, especially if you have kidney problems, liver disease, severe heart failure, taking potassium nutritional supplements, or if you have surgery while taking Aldactone.

What is the usual dose?

The expertisebelow is based on dosage guidelines your doctor uses. Depending on your condition and medical history, your doctor may prescribe a different scheme. Do not change dose or stop taking medicineswithout usingthe approval of your doctor.

High blood pressure

Adults: The usual starting ondose is 50-100 milligrams (mg) daily in one or two doses. This medicine may be offeredwith another diuretic or with other drugs for blood pressure

Fluid retention

Adults: The usual starting dose is 100 mg per day or in one or two doses, doses can range from 25-200 mg daily.



Adults: The usual dose is in between100-400 Aldactone mg per day.

Potassium loss

Adults: The usual dose is 25-100 mg per day when potassium can struggle tobe replaced by an additive.

about the type and amount of liquids you should drink.

What are the manageablefood and drug interactions associated with Aldactone?

Aldactone if taken with certain other drugs, the effects of either could be increased, decreased or altered. It is distinctimportant to check with your doctor before along withAldactone with the following: ACE inhibitors (eg captopril, enalapril, fosinopril, lisinopril), alcohol, barbiturates, like phenobarbital, corticosteroids, digoxin, or food over the counterwith high potassium content indomethacin , lithium, muscle relaxants, narcotic drugs, such as those containing codeine, NSAIDs, noradrenaline, other diuretics and other medicineshigh blood pressure.

What are the possible side effects of Aldactone?

Side effects can not be expected. If any develop or change in intensity, tell your doctor as soon as possible. Only your medical examinercan determine whether it is safe for you to continue taking this medicine.

Side effects may normally include: chest men deepening aloud, diarrhea, drowsiness, excessive hairiness, fever, headache, rash, irregular once a month, lack of coordination, mental confusion, postmenopausal suffering, severe allergicreaction, sexual dysfunction, skin rash, drowsiness, belly fatbleeding, stomach cramps, stomach inflammation, ulcers, vomiting

Can I receive Aldactone if I staypregnant or breast feeding?

The effects of Aldactone in pregnancy and lactation are not known. Talk to your doctor before taking this approachif you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breast feeding.

What should I do if I fail to takea dose of Aldactone?

heatand guardedfrom light.