Raw materials. Eating a raw food diet for optimal health

Raw materials – Reading Eagle

Here’s the idea behind this article:

“Raw foods (those not heated to a
temperature of more than 118 degrees Fahrenheit) contain a lot of
enzymes, which is something we all need more of as we age,”
Perry-Thomas said. “And this diet provides maximum vitamins, minerals
and fiber, all in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.”

Alot of the raw foods eaten or suggested in this article are some of the many super foods that I’ve written about in many posts on this site.

You’d probably get a little bored if you just eat nuts in berries, I know I would.? You just want to combine then with your normal meals and enjoy the many health benefits of super foods.


Reading Eagle
Raw materials

Reading Eagle,? PA? – 9 hours ago

who is a vegan who eats raw foods almost exclusively, advised health conscious eaters to pay attention to what she calls “super foods.” These include sea

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