Simple things you can do to improve your health

Simple things that you can do to improve your health.

I see one more person on “Oprah” saying, as if they were divulging the
secret of the universe, that you should eat more fruits and vegetables,
exercise regularly and fasten your seat belt, I’m going to scream. What
I want people to understand is that they already know what to do. What
I want people to do is take the next step and to find ways to make
those behaviors easier. Find out how to improve your energy level so
that when you work out, it doesn’t feel like you got hit by a bus. Find
out how to have super foods
in your diet so you can increase your nutritional status without having
to hire a cook. Every month, add one new vegetable or fruit to your
diet. That will give you a wider variety of foods, and from a wider
variety, you’ll obtain a higher, better foundation of nutrition.

The Fight Against Death (Alibi)

Like most people, Stephen Cherniske is passionate about aging–or, rather, not aging. He thinks about living a long life, feeling and looking healthy, and doing what it takes to preserve himself for as long as possible. Unlike the rest of us, though, he is neither depressed nor terrified by the pesky hands of time. For 30 years Cherniske has devoted his life to studying the relationship between …

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