The Importance of Nutrition for Living Longer

The key recipe for being healthy and feeling good about yourself is simple. Sometimes we just make it hard on ourselves….

Here are some simple ways to improve your energy levels and enjoy a fuller life:

*Drink Yerba Mate (Silueta Cabral, especially recommended for
weight loss).

*Exercise (a few days a week, don’t over do yourself. Only do what you can handle and keep maintaining that schedule)

*Eat lots of vegetables (not spinach or lettuce at this moment, most of you have probably heard of the alleged E Coli Epidemic) and fruits

*Drink a lot of water. Water helps speed up our metabolism and improves digestion. At least one 8 oz Glass with each meal is recommended

Good eating habits pay off tremendous physical and psychological benefits. Plus, eating habits good or bad–get passed from generation to generation, currently leaving in their wake an unprecedented number of overweight youngsters.

Taking control of your weight often dovetails with taking care of yourself nutritionally. For example, people who eat five, as opposed to two or less, daily servings of fruits and vegetables reduce their risk of certain cancers by 50 percent.

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