The Key to Aging Gracefully

Our society is obsessive about aging and how to overcome it.† But should we really be trying to over come it?Perhaps doing what is best for our bodies is actually the best way forward?

A lot of research has shown that if we are happier people will think that we are healthy.† Have you ever had a really good time with your friends, laughed loads and then someone totally out of the blue asks if you have lost weight or had a new haircut.† This is because the happy, relaxed you is beaming through and you appear healthier.

So how do we appear healthy all of the time, or at least as much of the time as possible?We should reconsider the basics.† Firstly, we are what we eat.† This does not mean that to look healthy you need to give up all fun things and live off mineral water, supplements and salads.But you shold give some parts of your bodies a little extra attention.Your skin is the obvious placeto start and is key to how you look and feel.† Looking after your skin is not necessarily about buying expensive creams and starting complicated skin care routines.† One of the most important things for healthy skin is water, dehydrated skin will look older.So instead of grabbing a tea, coffee or soft drink, go for a glass water.† Also, dehydration is thought to be the cause of ninety five percent of all headaches, and there is little that affects our appearance as much as living with pain, especially the niggling pain of headaches.† So water is an essential.† It sounds obvious, but it is amazing how many of us get lazy about water.

There is another simple and quick step to looking that little bit healthier and younger instantly.Just before you put on your coat you need to take an extra minuet to look at your self and discover how good you look.† Quickly check that you hair is fine, that your make up is not smudged, your collar not uneven.† Then walk out of the door with a smile on your face knowing that you look good, donít wonder if you look good, believe that you do.

The last suggestion to looking and feeling younger is the walk well.† This may sound daft, but the difference between walking tall and slouching is huge.† Firstly, biologically, you will get more air in your lungs so your blood will be better oxygenated and you will feel more energetic.† Secondly, your clothes will all hang better.† Also, by holding your rib cage correctly you will find that you waist is instantly more defined.†

So there are the three, totally free simple steps to aging gracefully and to instantly looking younger and healthier.