The science of beauty

Here’s a summary of an interesting article on the Science of Beauty:

“The Duplex VecteurT contains niosomes of plant extract, stimaggrine and an extract of green seaweed, for targeted action.”

A quote from the high school chemistry book?

No, it’s a line from an advert selling anti-wrinkle cream.

Concepts of beauty may have changed over the centuries but one thing has remained the same: women have always been sold cosmetics that promise to make them more attractive.

Instead of merely promising soft skin, today’s marketing people need to pitch something more precise, like “the Thermo-Adaptative formula minimizes the effects of temperature and the vectorised Pure Vitamin E blocks the free radicals”.

The vocabulary of cosmetics adverts sounds like science fiction or a hospital tv-series.

The fine work of microscopic “Agents” with names like “Rhetinol Q 10″ is illustrated with scientific diagrams of the structure of the skin.

Cosmetics adverts use verbs like a surgeon wields a knife.

“Consumers want to hear more and more exact information about the effectiveness of the product and ingredients,” says Tiina Isohanni, product development manager from the Lumene Group.

In the world of cosmetics, nature is depicted both as a threat and, paradoxically, as the mythical spring of ‘natural beauty’.

After presenting all those dermatological facts, the adverts often resort to images of mythical nature to get the consumers feeling safer again.

Nature is represented as fresh raindrops, juicy fruits, tropical trees, green leaves, or a bright blue sky — while not forgetting that the modern Eve from Paradise also needs her “triple action proteins”.

“We believe that in the future the scientific arguments will stay in the ads.

Also officials will impose stricter rules under which the tests for cosmetics must be carried out,” says marketing manager Olli Vähänen from Lumene Cosmetics.

But when the skin has been fixed, there are always bad hair days.

And who could seduce the opposite sex without microfibers that give ten times longer eyelashes?

Running after the spring of youth can be stressful.

How about covering yourself in a comfy blanket in the autumn night and forgetting about your looks for a while?


The science of beauty

SixDegrees,? Finland? – Sep 28, 2006

from the high school chemistry book? No, it’sa line from an advert selling antiwrinkle cream. Concepts of beauty may have changed

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