Top 5 benefits of meditation

There are many benefits to meditating.  It can help you slow down the aging process as you eliminate or minimize the amount of stress in your life – stress is one of the leading causes of premature aging.

Here are the top 5 benefits of meditation:

The art of meditation has a multitude of benefits.  It de-stresses, brings about an inner calm, energizes and dissipates all of the thoughts of the day that have stressed you to begin with.  Here are some additional benefits to meditation.

* It improves your memory.  With so much on your mind thinking about all of the tasks that need to be done, having the ability to clear your mind of all outside influences is a positive component in the art of meditation.  Once you have mastered it you can increase your memory skills twofold.

* Reduces stress.  There is no doubt that deep breathing relieves stress.  Meditation allows you to concentrate on one thing only, thus the rest of the problems drift away.

* Calm.  When you are calm, you are also patient.  Think about the days when you are irritable and stressed.  How do you respond to other people?  Are you curt in your responses?  Meditation allows you to calm down, and the effect leaves you feeling more relaxed and able to deal with anyone.

* Breathing.  The deep breathing that is associated with meditation increases your lung capacity.  When you are stressed there is a tendency to breathe heavier.  But when you are in a calm state, you breathe slowly and allow your lungs to take in more air.

* Pain.  Undoubtedly you may have seen Yogis who lie down on a bed of nails.  They are in a deep state of transcendental meditation.  They feel no pain.  During meditation, whether your pain is internal or external, it will dissipate the longer you are in a state of deep meditation.  The mind is focusing on an object or an image, and as your body relaxes, the pain you may have felt slowly disappears.

Meditation is necessary for to attain perfect harmony both physically and mentally.   It provides many health benefits and should be added to your daily routine to help with aging.

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  1. stacia

    I have experienced these benefits with daily practice of a mantra based meditation as taught by Deepak Chopra’s teachers at the Chopra Center for Wellness.

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