Vitamin K: The Forgotten Anti Aging Vitamin

I consider Vitamin K to be the forgotten vitamin simply because we don’t hear a lot about its benefits and what it can do for anti aging. It is likely that not too many of us could even recall the benefits of Vitamin K or what it can do for our skin, unless of course you are a health professional and know that it benefits greatly as a coagulant. †In fact, for a long time we didnít even know what the recommended daily requirements were for Vitamin K. However, recent studies have shown that Vitamin K is an anti aging powerhouse and it does a lot more than previously thought to combat dark circles,†puffy eyes and eye wrinkles.

Research has shown recently that vitamin k is actually a powerful antioxidant known said to be stronger than Vitamin E or Coenzyme Q10. So having a Vitamin K cream at your disposal is going to be very beneficial for your anti aging regimen as many of us have Vitamin K deficiencies.

Anti aging research tells us that as we age we will likely suffer from inflammation in many†areas of our bodies and certain hormones increase and decrease causing the effects of aging to show rapidly on our face. Interleukin-6 is one of those hormones that increases which, in effect, causes inflammation. If you add Vitamin K to your diet, it will work in your body to reduce inflammation that is associated with aging along with preventing some degenerative diseases.

Dark circles show up because of leaking capillaries that show up under the thinning under eye area. Vitamin K is especially useful for constricting those capillaries to reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles dark under eye circles. If for only this reason, a Vitamin K eye cream should be considered as part of your anti aging regimen.

Among some of the best Vitamin K foods to add to your diet are green, leafy vegetables. Consider adding these Vitamin K-dense foods to your diet:

Turnip greens, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, cooked spinach, and asparagus.

The benefits of Vitamin K are not to be forgotten. All of the vitamins out there work together in synergy to build the body up and provide our skin with the many benefits. Vitamin K should not be forgotten as a vitamin that can improve the imperfections on your skin such as dark circles and puffy eyes.