Will Botox Treatments Reduce Eye Lines

 Crow’s feet, also known as lateral canthus lines, are what are called dynamic wrinkles.  This means that the wrinkles spring from muscle contractions, specifically squinting.  There are a number of treatments you can take to treat and slow down the progression of crow’s feet, including Botox injections.  Botox is a poison that when employed in tiny doses briefly paralyzes the muscle.  When administered into the muscles round the eyes, the patient is stopped from squinting and thus from developing crow’s feet. 

Find a certified medical practitioner to do your Botox injections.  Because Botox is a prescription drug and getting injections is a medical process, you shouldn’t allow anyone but a licensed medical consultant to perform your process.  Look for a cosmetic surgeon or a cosmetic dermatologist to do the job. 

Have a visit with your health practitioner first to figure out whether you are an acceptable applicant for Botox treatments in your crow’s feet.  This is a break for your physician to judge your well-being and for you to ask any questions you need answered. 

Ask about other treatments to treat crow’s feet.  Botox injections do not always treat etched-in wrinkles, so you might need extra procedures like a glycolic acid peel, fillers or brow lift to smooth out existing crow’s feet. 

Botox stops the release of neurotransmitters from specific nerve endings.  When it is released into the skin, it is taken up by the nerves, and over time stops the release of neurotransmitters, shutting down those nerves. 

In dermatology, we use botox to shut off the nerves that workmuscles in your face, like your forehead and brow.  With those nerves off, you can’t contract the muscles, so they stay flat.It is the same as having wrinkles in your jeans.  While you are upright, the pants hang loosely and are smooth.  When you sit, your thighs and hips crinkle the material, forming creases or wrinkles.  In the same way, when your facial muscles contract, they bunch up, creasing the skin and forming wrinkles.

Have the process done on a slow day.  The procedure is fast and comparatively painless, but you could have some mild bruising and love round the injection sites.  You can go back to work right away, but you could not want to take meetings with obvious needle marks around your eyes.